How To Buy $GDEFI Tokens On Uniswap

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3 min readJun 16, 2021


Hello GDeFians,

The $GDEFI token is a fundamental part of the architecture of the GDEFI Protocol. It is the fuel that powers our ecosystem and enables our community-led economy to run in a decentralized fashion.

How does $GDEFI do that? By attaching incentives in all transactions without the need for an intermediary. But for this decentralized economy to work, anybody should be able to purchase the token on an open exchange.

As we informed you earlier on $GDEFI is currently listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Therefore, you can buy, sell and swap our native currency for other tokens.

How To Buy

This tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps to purchase $GDEFI on Uniswap. Since it is a decentralized exchange that employs non-custodial wallets, you will need to install a wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

There are various choices available, but we suggest using Metamask with Google Chrome or Firefox. You can download the extension right from

Be careful you don’t download the extension from any other source but the Metamask website to be sure you are installing the genuine wallet.

After creating a wallet in Metamask, you will then need to add Ether (ETH) to your wallet to swap for $GDEFI.

Ether is the native Cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Blockchain, and you need it to pay for the transaction cost as well since Uniswap runs on Ethereum. You can buy ETH on various exchanges, both Decentralized and Centralized.

Once your fund your Metamask wallet with ether, you are set to buy $GDEFI on Uniswap. It is a pretty straightforward process.

Step By Step Process

Follow the following steps to purchase your $GDEFI tokens:

Step 1

Go to Uniswap, then connect your Metamask wallet to the platform.

Step 2

The next step is that you should select ETH and GDEFI trading pair. ETH above, then $GDEFI below, like the above screenshot.

Step 3

Enter the amount of ether you want to trade for $GDEFI. Let say you want to buy 0.1 ETH in this example. Then click swap!

Step 4

The Metamask extension will then pop up to request you to authenticate your transaction. It will illustrate the amount of ETH you are trading, including the transaction fee.

Step 5

At this point, you should wait for the confirmation notification that will inform you that the transaction is through on the Ethereum blockchain. The process can take a few minutes in times of high congestion.

Step 6

The moment the transaction gets confirmed, you should be able to see your $GDEFI in the list of your assets.

Step 7

At this point, you are to be a part of the GDeFi decentralized community where every voice counts. Hodling our tokens brings myriad benefits, opportunities, and privileges.

Congratulations on buying your first $GDEFI tokens! We are so glad to have a new GDeFian in our community.



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