GDeFI Will Be At Global DeFi Investment Summit 2021

GDeFi is proud to announce our participation in the upcoming Global DeFi Investment Summit 2021 as a Gold Sponsor. The event scheduled from 2–3 June 2021 at the Dusit Thulani Hotel in Dubai will have some of our team members as speakers and moderators.

Organized by Gulf Xellence, a firm with an impressive track record in running Blockchain events and consultancy, the objective is to connect investors to the DeFi ecosystem. Over 200 people and 25+ prominent speakers will engage in six keynote addresses, six panel discussions, and 02 Speed Pitches.

Speakers drawn from the highest echelons of the industry include Tim Draper, Justin Sun, Michael Nikolas, Stani Kulechov, Jorge Sebastiao, Aaron Tsai, Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaver, Vladimir Nikitin, Sara Simeone, Andreas Kartrud, Santiago Roel Santos, Anna Tutova, Jesus Rodriguez, Tristan Ader, Mateen O. Dawoud, among many others. Moreover, more than 1000 people will participate in the summit through live streaming.

GDeFi will have an exhibition table at the summit to promote our intuitive protocol backed by a community-led decentralized economy powering DeFi to the next biggest level. We have begun our partnerships and marketing efforts as part of our 2nd Quarter Roadmap 2021 with this event.

Roadmap Update

We have successfully listed our native token $GDEFI on Uniswap after our public sale was massively oversubscribed. Marketing and Partnerships are underway. After the summit, we will announce more exciting partnerships and marketing events.

Staking and yield farming are coming real soon as everything is in place to take it live. Code Release is the next thing on our plate before the 2nd Quarter ends, but it will be announced shortly in conjunction with another development.

In response to participation in the Global DeFi Investment Summit and the efforts to achieve our targets for the Quarter Frisco d’Anconia, CCO at GDeFI noted:

“We are 80 percent done with our targets on schedule and pretty optimistic about accomplishing all of them by the end of June. The partnership with Gulf Xellence for the Dubai Summit is an opportunity to expand our frontiers and market our one-stop-shop for all DeFi services to the world. GDeFi’s team is 100 percent dedicated to delivering the best project to our growing and supportive community.”

Don’t forget to pass by our exhibition booth if you are in Dubai for the summit. Join us, and let’s talk about anything you want to know concerning Global DeFi, and how we are delivering decentralized finance.

Stay safe, and remember to Embrace the BEST and Toss the REST!

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