GDeFi Welcomes 4 New Team Members

We are thrilled to welcome four fantastic individuals to the GDeFi team to strengthen business development and community expansion. As we grow and break new grounds novel to the entire digital assets industry, the focus is to offer our community the best available products and services.

Through leadership in their various fields of endeavor, these four will use their experience and network to help us expand our reach, support our community, and make GDeFi an instrumental project.

Jen Buakaew is joining us as the Chief Business Advisor and brings a wealth of experience within the Cryptoshere. Popularly known as Jenny From The Blockchain, she has worked with several projects in varied capacities. Jen has been on the advisory boards of entities like the US Blockchain Association, Dragon Corporation, Blockchers Project of European Commission, Solve.Care, Bureancy, among others.

She said, “What motivated me to work with GDeFi is the principle of participation, and users’ opinions matter. Not often do we see the users’ or adopters’ choices reflecting the governance of a project’s ecosystem and the value of its native token.” A regular speaker at international Blockchain/Crypto events, Jen will be our mentor on business development and strategies.

Fon Wanee joins GDeFi as Head of International Growth. She has experience with Asian-based crypto exchange as the Operations Lead for some time now. Well exposed with several marketing campaigns for digital assets exchanges in international markets, our global expansion plans are her obligations.

Fon is deeply into DeFi activities like Yield Farming, Staking, and Liquidity Pools. Her passion is teaching Cryptocurrency to others, particularly newbies, and speaking at events. Talking about how she was attracted to GDeFi, she explained that the interoperability of the project through sidechains is sustainable.

Pim Varinda is now the PR & Marketing Lead at the GDeFi community. She will work with the Communication and marketing team to build our brand to international stature. Pim’s stint as a member of operation and PR for projects in Asia gives her enviable PR, Marketing, and customer acquisition expertise.

According to Pim, Crypto has changed her life remarkably in the past couple of years. “I’m fascinated with how DeFi stormed the world of Crypto in 2020, and I can see the growth continuing for many more years to come. GDeFi has tons of unique features, and I’m glad to be part of building something important like this for the world,” she maintained.

Jordy Worakran is coming on board the GDeFi team as the Community Ambassador. He has gathered impressive experience in the Crypto community building and working with exchange platforms in Asia. Jordy is passionate about the decentralized finance market, especially NFTs.

Speaking of GDeFi, he noted: “I am proud to be part of the GDeFi family. My goal is to spread the word about the project to expand our community in the Asian region.” Expect more people from Asia to join our community and support our project in the coming weeks.

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