GDEFI Third Quarter 2021 Roadmap

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4 min readJul 13, 2021

Dear Gdefians,

We’re pleading with you to have patience concerning the delay with launching Staking on the platform. It was supposed to be on the market in June, but security is more important than speed.

The feature is coming soon since we’re testing to make sure everything is solid. It is our goal to provide something that doesn’t compromise the security and safety of your funds.

Our core team has been busy behind the scenes working to make our community the best. We are committed to ensuring that all our third quarter milestones get fulfilled to the letter based on our roadmap on time.

These features will expand the GDEFI frontiers to enhance our community-led project where no one is left behind. Our community is the most vital element in our entire ecosystem, and we deem it fit to update you about what is coming.

CEX Listing

After a successful listing on Uniswap in the 2nd quarter of 2021, we promised to get on other exchanges to allow broad access to our GDEFI tokens to more people in Cryptosphere. The focus is now on getting listed on various Centralized Exchanges in the space.

Plans and negotiations are far advanced to list on some exchanges soon. We are going to see GDEFI trade on these platforms we have earmarked for that purpose.

Kindly look forward to that, and let’s celebrate together as one family. We will definitely update you when it finally materialized.

NFT Farming Pools

NFT is booming and changing the way the creative market works. Thanks to the Blockchain, artists can now secure the intellectual property rights of their work.

Besides, the development offers a global marketplace for creative artists to sell their work irrespective of their geographical location. The securing of ownership has enhanced the value of art and other souvenirs from entertainers, sportsmen, and women.

Coming soon this quarter on the GDEFI platform is NFT Farming pools. Our community members will have the opportunity to farm for NFTS. Watch out!

Partnership With Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are convenient and in vogue because of their convenience. To make transactions and storage of tokens easier for our community, we have lined up various partnership agreements with outfits in that scope.

This quarter will herald connections with mobile wallets that will make our ecosystem support such features. We are striving to make this possible so that Gdefians will thrive.

From July to September, our system will have some mobile wallets to make transactions seamless and handy for everyone who cares to join our growing community where every voice counts. This feature is a crucial development that will come your way sooner than later.

DeFi Knowledge Base Platform

It is a well-known fact that our dedication to enlightening our community about the Blockchain ecosystem cannot be over-emphasized. Over the months, we have provided content on our blog to educate the community about GDEFI and the entire Crypto industry.

As part of our roadmap for the 3rd Quarter of 2021, GDEFI will launch a DeFi Knowledge-Based Platform. The goal is to explain Decentralized Finance to the public in general and our community in particular.

It will be a go-to platform to research and learn about everything DeFi. It is an opportunity to expand your understanding and knowledge of the ever-growing open and decentralized finance space.

GlobalSwap DEX

The Decentralized Exchange revolution altered the inefficient way of digital assets trading, fulfilling Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of removing third parties from financial transactions. Today, buying, selling, and swapping Cryptocurrencies doesn’t require surrendering your private keys to someone you don’t know from Adam if you prefer to use a DEX.

The much-awaited GDEFI’s GlobalSwap DEX, a fork of Uniswap with innovative new features, is coming to you this quarter. We are launching a full-fledged Decentralized exchange where you can transact in a safe and secure setting.

GlobalSwap DEX will allow you to pay for transactions with your GDEFI Tokens at a discount. It will have one of the best liquidity in the space since we have made provision through our dynamic tokenomics.

Join GDEFI Community

GDEFI is working hard to bring you one of the best DeFi protocols in the industry. Our mission is to bring you all the DeFi products and services on our platform that ensure the transparency and security you can think of in this game.

Join us today, and be part of a community where everyone is counted in every decision-making process. Embrace the BEST, Toss the REST!

Stay safe in these troublesome times, folks!

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