GDeFi Public Sale Oversubscribed, Listing On Uniswap On May 17

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3 min readMay 17, 2021


We are animated to inform the GDeFi community and the entire Cryptocurrency family that our Public Sale was massively oversubscribed. The sale that happened from 14–16 May 2021 had people participating from all over the world.

After the three days, requests made on the whitelist to purchase $GDEFI exceeded the 56,000 available tokens, which were on sale for $1.9 each. But as stated in the pre-sale, allocation is purely based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We, therefore, congratulate all those who were able to secure an allocation. It is a bold and rewarding step in their DeFi journey, and as a community-led project, we warmly welcome them into the GDeFi Family, where every voice counts.

Community Centric GDeFi

As a community, we make decisions together, support everyone to contribute ideas, features, and codes. We incentivize members to be part of the processes with an integrated reward system that induces growth of the value of $GDEFI.

The GDeFi Governance Model permits everyone to vote on community issues and proposals even with 1 $GDEFI. Those who hodl 100 tokens can present proposals, debate on them, and vote as well.

Governance rewards have aggregate periodic bonus payments to all those involved in the decision-making. Segments of the community, like developers, influencers, content creators, and others who devote their efforts to bring on board ideas, features and PoC are also handsomely rewarded in payouts.

Uniswap listing is coming on at 15:00 UTC, Monday 17th May 2021. More details will be out soon in another post.

Tokens bought in the GDefi public sale will be 100% unlocked. However, the distribution and Token Generation Event (“TGE”) will occur on 18th May, a day after listing on Uniswap.

Team Support

Our core team is in a position with adequate measures to assist all buyers to securely and smoothly receive their tokens in the appropriate wallet. As a project deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, we support wallets like Metamask and Trust Wallet.

Our amazingly growing, close-knitted community on Telegram is an excellent place to receive support concerning setting up a wallet and receiving your tokens securely. We also have an email support system that details all the available channels and resources.

You can also address all issues in an email to: and cc

We will attend to your queries promptly in due course. All Social Media Accounts of GDeFi will respond to all your inquiries and provide you the support you require.

Here are details to add $GDEFI as a custom token on any of the above wallet:

Contract Address: 0xb5e88b229b18e748e3aa16a1c2bfefdfc8a5560d

Ticker: GDEFI

Decimals: 18

Step To Step Process

  1. add custom token GDEFi on their wallet such as Metamask

1.1 Paste the contract address on the search bar in the wallet 0xb5e88b229b18e748e3aa16a1c2bfefdfc8a5560d

1.2 Make sure contract address is correct, decimals- 18 and ticket GDEFI

2) Wait for their tokens to arrive in the wallet on 18th May 2021.

It is an exciting time at the GDeFi Community. Meet Us tonight for the Uniswap listing with live Facebook and LinkedIn launch featuring commentaries and insight by core team members.

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