GDEFI Monthly Recap: Month Of May

Hey GDeFians,

We had an impressive month of May, with most of our 2nd quarter roadmap accomplished except Staking and yield farming, which is coming soon before the end of June. Though there were ups and downs as the market has been very volatile.

Most Crypto markets took a severe correction, and many tokens and coins lost significant value in a brief period, including $GDEFI. However, our dip wasn’t that much huge, considering we just listed.

Irrespective of that, we are still committed to fulfilling an innovative decentralized Finance economy where everyone’s voice counts with massive market potential, and it will remain our mission. With that stated, we can look at our monthly activities around various recaps from last month.

New Team Members

We kicked off the month by warmly welcoming four talented team members to the GDeFi family. These individuals joined us to strengthen our efforts to execute our mission.

Jenny Buakaew — Chief Business Advisor

Fon Wanee — Head Of International Growth

Jordy Worakran — Community Ambassador

Pim Varinda — PR & Marketing Lead

With their immense experience in the Blockchain and Crypto ecosphere in Asia, they have been assisting in expanding our communities in Asia, among other contributions in their fields of specialization.

GDeFi Public Sale Oversubscribed

It was so thrilling to see our public sale massively oversubscribed. The whitelist event, which took place from 14–16 of May, had people participating from all over the world.

Following the three days, requests made on the whitelist to buy $GDEFI tokens exceeded the 56,000 available tokens, which were on sale for $1.9 each. However, the allocation was on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Uniswap Listing

Right after the public sale, the $GDEFI token went live on Uniswap. This development made it possible for the global Crypto family to buy, sell, swap our utility token for other assets.

Therefore, we kept our promise to the growing GDeFi community to list the token on an exchange a day after the public sale. It was also in fulfillment of our dynamic roadmap.

Global DeFi Investment Summit

Moreover, our Marketing and Partnership initiatives took off with a partnership with Gulf Xellence, a firm with an impressive track record in running Blockchain events and consultancy globally as Gold Sponsors of the Global DeFi Investment Summit. The objective of the event is to connect investors to the DeFi ecosystem.

Over 200 people and 25+ prominent speakers will engage in six keynote addresses, six panel discussions, and 02 Speed Pitches. More considerably, over 1000 people will participate in the event free of charge online.

Two AMAs

We had two AMA to interact with two prominent telegram communities to expose GDeFi to Crypto enthusiasts. The goal was to explain how our community-led project works, the intuitive protocol, and innovative features.

Jenny Buakaew, Chief Business Advisor, Frisco d’Anconia, Chief Communication Officer, and Enkay, Tech Lead, answered various questions and enlightened the audience about what we have been busy building since late last 2020. In both events hosted by Crypto Titan and Cryptotech, prizes in USDT went to some participants who asked questions.

CoinGecko Listing

Additionally, it was quite a milestone when our native currency of $GDEFI went live on CoinGecko a few days after listing on Uniswap. For the community, this was a significant step towards transparency for those who want to know more about GDeFi.

CoinGecko, a reputable Cryptocurrency aggregator and ranking outfit, affords many opportunities. The platform ranks more than eight thousand Crypto projects.

Code Release

We wrapped up the month with the release of the GDEFI code. As a matter of fact, it was a meaningful achievement as it makes the project whole in every sense.

Now those who want to check the codes the project is standing on have no problem at all. You can verify our codes at our Github to critic and make suggestions.

Next Agenda

As stated earlier, the only pursuits left to accomplish for this quarter per our roadmap are Staking and Yield Farming. Notwithstanding, we have a month for the 2nd quarter to end.

All hands are on board to deliver these two features before the month of June comes to an end. Watch out for Staking and Yield Farming on the GDeFi platform soon with realistic APYs.

Embrace the BEST, Toss the REST!

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