GDEFI Lists On Several Aggregator Platforms

Hello Gdefians,

GDEFI token is now registered on various Crypto Aggregator platforms to allow our community and the entire Crypto ecosystem to track and monitor the project’s progress. These are reputable and try and tested portals in the Crypto Assets space.

At Global DeFi, we cherish transparency, and we want the best for our users. As a community-led project, all members are part of the decision-making process and we believe giving clarity on issues is the best means to ensure the optimum growth of our project.

It is more reason why in the past month, the team dedicated efforts towards listing on the various aggregator platforms in the industry. So far, we are on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, WorldCoin Index, Coincodex, CoinCheckup, LivecoinWatch, Coincost, CoinDataFlow, CryptoBudy,, Dextool, Dexguru, CoinKid, BlockchainWhispers, Coingolive, ATHCoinIndex, Nomics, BeinCrypto, and 126.


CoinMarketCap is the pioneer outfit in this domain when it comes to the ranking of Cryptocurrencies. It has over 11,000 assets listed on its platform with various parameters.


CoinGecko tracks almost 9000 Crypto Assets on its portal with various indicators, providing vital data for the Crypto community. It is one of the

major aggregators in this space.


WorldCoinIndex has over 6000 Cryptocurrencies on their portal. The unique aspect of this platform is a link to all social media channels of assets listed on it with a constant display of posts.


CoinCodex has more than 5000 Crypto on their portal with colorful graphs for the performances of assets. It comes with reviews covering most of the coins/tokens listed.


CoinCheckup covers almost 11,500 coins/tokens with various indicators to determine the value of these assets. It has links to markets, analysis, prediction, and token sales.


LiveCoinWatch is another aggregator platform tracking Crypto market performance. It has almost 9000 Cryptocurrencies with Widgets, API, Chat, Trending, Compare, Overview, and Portfolio.


CoinCost’s platform supervises over 8000 assets in the Crypto space. The platform also offers trading lessons for free on their portal.


CoinBuddy ranks coins/tokens and provides information about where to buy and store them. There are 6046 digital assets listed on CryptoBuddy at the time of filing this report.


CoinDataFlow lists Cryptocurrencies with prices, market capitalizations, charts, and stats. It tracks over 5000 Cryptos in the entire ecosystem. has features like Favorites, ICO Stats, Industries, Portfolios, among others. It has more than 4000 Cryptocurrencies on its radar.


Dextool offers a domain where Decentralized Finance projects can list to expose their features. It has various tools which projects can leverage to publicize.


Dexguru is a trading platform for traders of the DeFi era where on-chain analytics combined with execution capabilities. There are more than 200 trading pairs on the exchange.


CoinsKid has features like Moonshot, Hot, Latest, Social Links, and others. Meanwhile, more than 9000 Cryptocurrencies are on this website.


BlockchainWhispers is an aggregator platform tracing the performances of over 6000 assets. It has features like Wiki, Signals, Premium Signals, Proof, Tools, and many more.


At the time of writing this update, CoinGoLive had 8619 assets listed on their platform. It comes with features like Calculate Price, All-Time High, Price Change History, Coin Chain 24 Hours, etc.


With BTC126, you can have access to 8915 Crypto assets in one place. This entity has multiple languages, from Chinese to Spanish.


BeinCrypto is a news outlet providing the latest news, market analysis, opinions about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. It also ranks Cryptocurrencies and has more than 8000 assets under its preview.


According to Nomics, they are monitoring 20,318 assets, but 9564 are actively trading. Some features include a currency converter, asset analysis, product ranking, advertising space, etc.

Learn More About GDEFI

Delve into the GDEFI ecosystem and discover what our community-led economy has for you. We have so many innovative products and services for you.

Kindly read our Whitepaper to understand what we are building and how you can benefit. Moreover, our Litepaper also offers valuable information about the project, including constant updates on our social media channels.

Stay safe!

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