Hello Gdefians,

GDEFI token is now registered on various Crypto Aggregator platforms to allow our community and the entire Crypto ecosystem to track and monitor the project’s progress. These are reputable and try and tested portals in the Crypto Assets space.

At Global DeFi, we cherish transparency, and we want…

Dear Gdefians,

We’re pleading with you to have patience concerning the delay with launching Staking on the platform. It was supposed to be on the market in June, but security is more important than speed.

The feature is coming soon since we’re testing to make sure everything is solid. It…

Hello GDeFians,

The $GDEFI token is a fundamental part of the architecture of the GDEFI Protocol. It is the fuel that powers our ecosystem and enables our community-led economy to run in a decentralized fashion.

How does $GDEFI do that? By attaching incentives in all transactions without the need for…

Hey GDeFians,

We had an impressive month of May, with most of our 2nd quarter roadmap accomplished except Staking and yield farming, which is coming soon before the end of June. Though there were ups and downs as the market has been very volatile.

Most Crypto markets took a severe…

Community-led projects like GDEFI ensures token hodlers have a say in the decision-making process and development. In fact, they are the owners of the project and determines its direction and advancement through their votes, proposals, and community debates.

Despite the inclusive approach, many projects in the space have a high…

AT 09:00 UTC on Thursday, CoinGecko, the digital assets ranking and aggregator portal, listed $GDEFI, our native token, on its platform. It is a pretty exciting period for a thriving young community like ours, as we keep delivering our targets in line with our thoughtful roadmap.

The listing follows three…

We are so thrilled to announce that the Global DeFi native currency $GDEFI is now on Uniswap. At exactly 15:00 UTC on Monday, 17th May, the token went live on the pacesetter decentralized exchange.

Anyone who cares to be part of our growing community-led platform can safely and securely purchase…

Global DeFi (GDeFi) is growing at an incredible speed as we keep progressing every day. To update our community and the entire Cryptosphere, we are holding an AMA session with Cryptotech to discuss developments in our ecosystem.

AMA Details

Date: Thursday, 13th May 2021

Time: UTC 04:00 PM

Link to AMA: https://t.me/Cryptotech_Community

Host: Akyas GazerlLo


Jen Buakaew — Chief Business Advisor

Frisco d’Anconia — CCO

Enkay — Tech Lead

There is a 100 USDT Prize at stake for those who ask questions. More details about that are available on the Twitter page of @Cryptotech_Ann.

Thank you, and let’s e-Talk on Thursday.

Global DeFi

GDeFi is a unique DeFi platform that will blend the futuristic prospects of blockchain with a streamlined reward system to cater a trustless financial ecosystem

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